2021 update: for full information about me and my work please check out MoranB.art. My current short bio:

Moran Been is an artist, writer and curator who is based in Dublin. Alongside making and showing her own work, she develops exhibitions and public programmes for galleries and organisations around the island of Ireland.

2016 version:

I am a Dublin-based researcher, curator, and art practitioner. I hold (but not very tightly) a PhD in Practice-Based Media Art from NCAD in Dublin, and an MFA in Computer Art from SVA in NY.

This blog started as a way to make writing for my PhD easier, and as such, I am leaving the “Towards PhD” category as is, no massive edits or removal of posts. It’s a bit of an archive towards the outcome and it’s a good thing to keep around.

Now that I have my PhD but really, whatever little practice I do is squeezed between my unrelated full time job and my BoD membership at Platform in Belfast (and you know, life…) I want this blog to help me think more critically, and practice the act of writing about what I do. Hopefully it will also be interesting to read. Some of the posts might end up in Hebrew, and a few of the English-language ones will probably be badly written, I will do my best to correct/translate them after someone reads them, but I’m not promising anything.

Please feel free to comment/discuss any of the posts/ideas published. Would be great to get some input from others on these interests of mine.

If you want to use anything that appears in this blog (text, images, etc.) or interested in more information for whatever purpose, please contact me for permission/information before putting anything in the public on/offline realms.

This is my slightly more official “about me”, from the partnering website that acts as my Portoflio & News site (mobespaces.wordpress.com):

Based in Dublin, my work critiques political aspects of everyday life through examining physical actions such as walking, talking, and touching, with a current focus on the processes and psychology of acculturation. The projects are not medium-specific, I work in any means that best serve the concept. I earned my MFA degree in Computer Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and my PhD at NCAD in Dublin. During my PhD studies, I developed a consistent curatorial practice and curated several exhibitions and art events. As a curator I’m interested in exploring the possibilities in political art practice and particularly engage with questions of the spaces and places art practice occupies.

I currently  work as an independent artist, writer, and curator.

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